We hope this page inspires you and offers you a way to research beautiful encaustic hand made cement tile. Our Inspiration Page  photos are provided by Houzz. Here you can learn the different ways in which these tiles are being applied to aesthetically improve upon any decor or setting. Whether you are looking to replicate the old world charm or to bring the old world feel into your modern home. This look has been around for centuries and is at best now one of the most popular looks of 2018.

Disclaimer. In good faith we want to respect the fabulous works published on Houzz by designers and manufacturers as well as the beautiful photography.  The sole purpose of this is for inspiration. Each photo above is embedded from Houzz. If there is a photo that you have published on Houzz and would like to not have your worked shared you can request them to take it down off of their website. We do not claim to nor are trying to take credit for any of the photos on the top of this page. Hope you enjoyed viewing these photos as much as we do and find an inspiring look that you can incorporate into your home or business. Here is where you can learn more about the terms of use for Houzz. https://www.houzz.com/termsOfUse

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